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Schedules and Sports Eligibility

Senior Schedules

Free Periods

Seniors have the unique ability to not take a full class schedule if they are on track to receive their 26 credit diploma. Students must ensure they have all graduation requirements met or on their current schedule. These free periods will be represented by blank spots in powerschool. Students will need at least 2 classes on their schedule to be considered full time.

Credit Recovery

Some seniors may be required to take credit recovery to ensure they recover previously failed grdauation requirements. These classes are vital to the graduation status of a student. Each class will need to be completed (100%) with a grade of 60 and above. These classes will be represented in powerschool by Credit Recovery Attendance with specific credit recovery classes (these classes are represented by an XR).

Sports Eligibility

Because of the uniqueness of a senior schedule, it is important to remember what makes a student eligible to play sports.

For a student to be eligible to play sports, they will need to meet the following requirements.

  1. The student must have passed 3 out of 4 classes in the prior semester.
  2. The student must be a full-time student (a full-time student is a student that is enrolled in 2 classes [50%])

Seniors will need to ensure their schedule allows them to be able to play sports in the Spring!