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A requirement was passed by the North Carolina General Assembly and developed by the North Carolina Community College System and the North Carolina State Board of Education.  S.L. 2015-241, Section 10.13 amended by S.L. 2016-94 and S.L. 2018-5, Career and College Ready Graduates, requires the State Board of Community Colleges, in consultation with the State Board of Education, to develop a program that introduces the college developmental mathematics and developmental reading and English curriculums in the high school senior year and provides opportunities for college remediation for students prior to high school graduation. It is mandatory, by this legislation, for all high schools in North Carolina to offer these classes in the fall semester of 2023.

Career and College Ready Graduates (CCRG) courses are high school courses that will count toward high school graduation. CCRG is meant to reduce or eliminate the need for remediation for high school graduates when they enter community college. Teams of high school teachers and community college instructors have worked together to create CCRG math and English courses.  

By legislation, high school students will be identified in their junior year as eligible for CCRG courses. Students whose unweighted GPA is between 2.2 and 2.799 will be required to register for CCRG math and English courses unless they meet one of the exemptions listed. 

The CCRG Enhanced English IV course will satisfy the English IV high school graduation requirement and the UNC minimum admissions requirement. Students who qualify for CCRG math placement will take a new CCRG Math course that will count as a fourth mathematics credit for high school graduation but not as a fourth level mathematics course.  Since this is not a fourth level mathematics course, it will not satisfy UNC minimum admissions requirements.  So, these students may need to take an additional math course if they are planning to attend a UNC System university. 

Students will complete tests throughout the courses that will be used by community colleges to place them appropriately into their first college English and math courses if a community college program is their choice after high school. Completing these courses in high school can save students time and money when they begin at a community college by eliminating the need for additional support or preparation classes there. This material will also help prepare students for university placement tests, military technical schools, and career math and English needs. 

While all students who are identified must be offered CCRG, students are not required to participate. 

Students will work through the ED Ready platform to complete these courses.