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*GPA Update: Starting in the Fall of 2024, National Honor Society will be requiring a weighted GPA of 3.75*

Requirements to join the National Honor Society

  1. Must be a Junior or Senior at New Bern National Honor Society the semester before their invitation is sent out 
    1. Transfer students will be allowed to be inducted into the honor society if they meet the required GPA when they transfer into the school.
  2. Students must have and maintain a 4.0 WEIGHTED GPA *See GPA Update Above* both at their induction and until they graduate from New Bern High School
    1. Students who fall below the required GPA will be placed on Inactive Status for the Fall Semester to improve their grades.
    2. Students who do not meet the required GPA the next semester after being on Inactive Status will be removed from the honor society

Other Membership Requirements

  1. Meet once per month starting in the Fall through the Spring 
  2. Participate in at least 10 service hours per year
    1. Service Hours with other organizations can and do count toward these 10 hours as long as it is signed off by the advisor of the other organization.
  3. Participate in at least 1 group service project with National Honor Society

Membership Dues

$20 per student per year