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Unexcused Absences

An Unexcused Absence (code 2A) or Unexcused Tardy (code 2L) is defined as (1) the willful absence of a student with or without the knowledge of the parent/guardian OR (2) a student’s absence from a classroom that does not qualify as lawful (excused) under NC and CCS guidelines, such as:

  • Family Trips & Extended Holidays
  • Weddings & other celebrations
  • DMV & Passport Appointments
  • Transportation issues not related to school-provided bussing (missed bus, traffic, accidents, flat tire, stopping for gas)
  • Non-School Volunteer Events (some may qualify as Educational Opportunity)
  • "Family Emergency" or "Personal Reasons" not covered by Excused Absence guidelines
  • Custodial Visitation (Court-ordered dates may qualify to be excused under code 1E)
  • Oversleeping
  • "Chill Out" (see below)

Notification is not required for unexcused absences.  However, parents/ guardians are encouraged to communicate with teachers due to any missed assignments that may occur for planned unexcused absences.

Excessive unexcused absences can result in a Forced Failure and loss of credit for a course.

Chill Out

If a student is sent to Chill Out for any reason (ie. disciplinary, personal choice), this is coded as an unexcused absence with a comment "Chill Out" due to the student missing classroom instruction.