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Exam Exemption

Attendance Incentive

Per CCS Regulation Code: 4400-R Attendance (Para C.b.), students may qualify for an exam exemption in those courses where an End of Course Test, Common Exam or Career & Technical Education post assessment is not required. To qualify for an exam exemption, the student shall:

  1. have an A average in a regular or honors class AND have three or less absences in that class, OR
  2. have a B average in a regular or honors class AND have two or less absences in that class, OR
  3. have at least a B average in an Advanced Placement Class AND have three or less absences in that class.
  4. not receive a waiver of absences* in that class to qualify, AND
  5. have a conduct grade of satisfactory in that class.

Any student who qualifies for final exam exemption but chooses to take a final exam will have the option of including the exam grade as part of his/her final average.

*Waiver of Absence = Excused Absence.  For the purpose of exam exemption, excused absences are counted toward the absence total.  The lone exception is for a School-Sponsored Activity (code 1Q).  There are not any exceptions to the exemption policy.

Application of Exemption Code

During exam days, students will receive an attendance code of 1i (Local School Board Policy) for all classes not required to be in attendance.  This will be applied by the Data Manager on the day of the exam.  For example, on exam days for 1st period classes, the 1i code would be applied to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods.  This code will apply to all students and all courses (including college courses and credit recovery).

If the student is exempt from the exam, the teacher will apply the 1i code while taking attendance for the exam day.  If a student is required to take the exam (not exempt), but is not present, the student will receive an attendance code of 2A (unexcused absence).

Note: Code 1i technically registers as an absence in PowerSchool, but it is considered excused and will not be applied to any calculations of perfect attendance; it will not negatively impact the student in any way.