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Athletic Eligibility

Attendance Requirements

In accordance with CCS Policy 3620, to be eligible for athletics, students must pass their required courses and attend 85% of the semester's school days.* Specific instructional day count is listed below. If a student accumulates more than ten unexcused absences in a class, then the class becomes a Forced Failure (FF) and the student would not receive credit for the course. In most cases, a FF attendance issue will lead to an academic issue, making a student ineligible.

Scheduled Day Count

2023-24 S1: 71 instructional, 5 exam (may miss 10 days)

2023-24 S2: 91 instructional, 5 exam (may miss 13 days)

2024-25 S1: 72 instructional. 5 exam (may miss 10 days)

2024-25 S2: 70 instructional, 9 exam (may miss 10 days)

*Note: Just as with the Exam Exemption policy, any absence is considered an absence, regardless of being excused or unexcused.

Academic Requirements

Excerpt from the NCHSAA handbook:

1.2.7 Scholastic Requirements - A student must be in good academic standing to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics. 

(a) A student other than a home school student is in good academic standing if:  

(1) The student passed at least seventy (70) percent of the courses taken in the preceding semester; and 

(2) According to the membership entity's standards, the student is on track to advance to the next grade level or graduate within the next calendar year. 

(b) A home school student is in good academic standing for purposes of this rule if: 

(1) The student passed all courses in which the student was enrolled at the member school in the preceding semester; and 

(2) The student is on grade level according to a nationally standardized achievement test(s) indicating grade level. 

(c) A student who is promoted from eighth grade to ninth grade shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirements of Rule 1.2.7(a)-(b) for the first semester of the ninth grade year. 

(d) A student not academically eligible at the beginning of the semester is not eligible at any time during the semester. Exception - a student who receives an incomplete which causes him or her to fail to meet minimum scholastic requirements or is awaiting a final grade due to any state-mandated testing is ineligible until the course is satisfactorily completed, and eligibility is restored immediately. 

(e) At the end of the first semester, a superintendent or principal has eight days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) to check grades of students, removing such students immediately upon knowledge of ineligibility and no later than the completion of the eight-day period and restore eligibility to any debarred player after he or she has qualified at the end of a semester. 

(1) Any student who has his or her eligibility restored may participate the day following the completion of the semester of the ineligibility. 

(2) The purpose of the eight-day period is to allow schools ample time to check grades. A player should be removed before the eight-day period is up if the school has knowledge and has verified that the student is ineligible.

For more information about Athletic Eligibility, contact the Athletic Director, Bo Lansche.