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Youth Trooper School

JULY 23-28 



The purpose of the North Carolina American Legion Student Trooper Program is to create an association between our young people and the men and women who are responsible for enforcing the laws of our state.  The American Legion believes that our young people have a strong sense of patriotism and a high regard for Law and Order.  It is our belief that the young men and women who participate in the Student Trooper Program will develop favorable attitudes toward Law Enforcement and will articulate those attitudes throughout their communities and among their peers. 

The American Legion Student Trooper Program will be conducted at the North Carolina Highway Patrol Training Center, Raleigh, and is a cooperative sponsorship of The NC American Legion and The NC Highway Patrol.  Cadets will participate in a wide variety of instructional sessions.  They will learn the use of police skills, including drug detection, firearms safety, and precision driving, just to name a few.  Instructors from the NC Highway Patrol and other phases of Law Enforcement and related subjects will be integrated into the week’s program. 


All students will be housed and meals served at the Academy cafeteria.  Due to limitations at the cafeteria, those who require a special diet will not be accommodated.  Students are expected to remain at the Center at all times except for scheduled training away from the Academy.  Towels and bed linens will be provided by the Academy.  Student Troopers shall conduct themselves as gentlemen/ladies at all times.  They shall perform all duties in a thorough, precise manner without hesitation or comment, carry out all lawful orders, commands and instructions issued by Staff Personnel. 


Each student will be issued two T-shirts, a visor cap, PT shirt and shorts, and a portfolio with program emblem.  Each student will be mailed, prior to the opening of the session, a “Call To Report” letter.  This letter will inform the student of the personal items he/she will need for the week, along with Rules of Conduct and other instructions.  A prescribed uniform will be worn for all supervised events except for recreation.   


In order for the Student Trooper to be able to do his/her best in physical training, it is recommended he/she work on the following exercises prior to  the program: 1. Sit-ups.  2. Push-ups.  3. Jumping Jacks.  4. Running.  This will be part of the regular training each day. Exercises will be a criteria every morning of the program for at least 1 hour, plus a 1 mile run. 


Registration will be 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Sunday, July 23, 2023 at the North Carolina Highway Patrol Training Center, Raleigh.  Checkout is on Friday, July 28, 2023, and graduation will be completed by 1:00 PM that same day.  Persons providing transportation must pick up students at the Academy immediately after graduation ceremonies. 


Private vehicles are prohibited without previous approval of the Program Director.  Visitors will not be allowed in the barracks during the week of the school.  Family and friends of the students are invited to attend the Graduation Ceremony.  Parents and guests may tour the facility immediately following the Graduation Ceremony.  Everyone is invited, which includes family, friends and all patrol members and legionnaires.