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Operational Risk Management (ORM): 

The Pre-Mishap Plan has been developed for use at New Bern High School and at any event where the arduous or potential risk for injury could occur. ORM is the process of dealing with the risk associated with NJROTC training activities, which includes risk assessment, risk decision-making, and implementation of effective risk controls. The goal of our ORM Program is to optimize our training opportunities by managing risk to accomplish the mission with minimal to no injuries. 

The plan also serves as notice to cadets and parents that the instructors are looking out for the best interest of the cadets by trying to identify potential risks. The plan is not all-inclusive because life can be unpredictable. Cadets are responsible for looking over each planned activity in order to have knowledge of those risks and to aid others in keeping those risks at a minimum.

New Bern High School NJROTC Pre-Mishap Plan

Parade/Off-Campus Event


Hosted Competition


Air Rifle Training

Activity Bus

Physical Fitness