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Department Philosophy

Naval Science is a program of academic studies that is patterned after the NROTC College Scholarship Program.  It is offered as an elective course, with the primary objective of developing the students, called Cadets, into more informed, responsible, and productive citizens.  The course includes instruction on oceanography, meteorology, naval orientation and sea power, navigation, behavioral management, leadership, discipline, health education, and current events.  Military drills, physical fitness training, and military formations and ceremonies supplement classroom instruction. Extra-curricular activities include field trips to military bases, shipboard cruises, competitions with other schools in professional areas, performances by the cadets in local parades, and similar public ceremonies, as well as participation in school events as guides, escorts, and ushers. Cadets are heavily involved in community service projects and enjoy a healthy social program that includes picnics, trips to theme parks, and an annual military ball.  Uniforms, textbooks, and associated training equipment are furnished at no cost.  Enrollment in NJROTC incurs no present or future obligation to serve in the Armed Services.

The purpose of the NJROTC program is “to instill in students the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.” At New Bern High School we accomplish that by offering a challenging and rigorous course that includes academics, athletics, and a variety of after-school activities based on military skills and discipline, such as drill, sailing, orienteering, and marksmanship.  Students will be assessed in all areas, some of which will affect their grades, and others are rewarded with promotion.

As your instructors, we will ensure that unit policies, rules, and regulations conform to those of the national NJROTC program, Craven County Public Schools, and New Bern High School. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining a program that will enhance academic and social growth and development, and which will challenge the cadets and foster responsible citizenship.  We will emphasize the development of leadership, character, self-confidence, self-discipline, and encourage both personal achievement and teamwork.

Cadets, in return, are expected to always give 100%; to do their best at every task.  They are expected to follow all expectations and carry themselves in a military manner at all times.  As representatives of the United States Navy, they are expected to demonstrate the core values of honor, courage, and commitment.  As representatives of NBHS NJROTC, they are expected to live the ideals of Citizenship, Leadership, and Scholarship. 

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS. All New Bern High School rules and policies are in effect in the NJROTC classroom and at any function representing NJROTC.

               Five  Expectations:                  

                              1.  Be Responsible  2.  Be Accountable  3.  Respect Others  4.  ALWAYS give 100%