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Course Content & Performance Standards

The course will extend the concepts of Naval Science I-IV in the development of leadership skills.  Cadets study and apply the qualities of effective leadership, goal-setting, and situational management.  Practical application of leadership and teamwork is practiced in a variety of teamwork and team-building activities, including required participation in drill, color guard, academic, and athletic teams. 

  1.  The student will gain insight into ethical values and principles that underlie good citizenship, including integrity, responsibility, and respect for constituted authority.
  2.  The student will develop leadership skills to live and work productively and cooperatively with others.
  3.  The student will develop self-discipline, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility and accountability for oneself.
  4.  The student will develop a greater desire to pursue academic excellence in all subjects.
  5.  The student will learn about the educational and vocational opportunities afforded by the Armed Forces.
  6.  The student will become familiar with world history and geography, the influence of sea power on western civilization,  and the purpose and structure of the national defense establishment with emphasis on the Naval Service.
  7.  The student will refine skills in logical thinking and effective communication, both oral and written.