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A CTE Internship is a work experience that provides YOU with opportunities to test the waters in a variety of career fields that can help YOU with career planning.  YOU will be able to gain "real-life" experience and take an in-depth look into a career for YOUR future. An internship will afford opportunities to network, provide mentors, and supplies an environment for growth and learning.


Watch the video to see what INTERNSHIPS offer:


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Senior, Francesca Strom, explains how the internship solidified her college/career plans:  

"Around the time of my interview at the law firm for my internship, I was considering a career in law as I had a budding interest in my business law college course. The course I was taking was online and I wanted to experience what I was reading in my textbook in person. I’ve developed many soft skills such as communication with the paralegals and clients, problem solving at the courthouse, and task management when I was given a list of errands from the lawyers. Even though it was challenging at times, it drove me to learn as much as I possibly could. When I completed my internship, it solidified my decision to study law. I’ve been accepted into Suffolk University to major in global marketing as well as complete their six-year legal degree track at Suffolk University Law School. I hope to work internationally as a corporate lawyer."  

Junior, Ava Brinson details what the internship program has meant to her: 

"I am a CTE intern at Craven Early College. This position has given me the opportunity to work under several teachers and observe their different classroom environments and teaching styles. I have been able to see firsthand the creation and application of lesson plans, as well as learn how continuous improvement plans affect learning in a positive way. Beyond the classroom, I have been able to learn the specific requirements for becoming a teacher, as well as how to find open jobs within North Carolina. This has prepared me to choose a college major that would help me achieve my goals, and given me experiences that will shape the way I run my own classroom one day."


Intern Farina


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