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AVID Coordinator

Cathy Pratt




What is AVID?

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. At New Bern High School, AVID is more than just a program –  it is a philosophy that is ingrained across all we do.  AVID is an academic skills and support program.  An AVID Elective student is a student who is capable of honors level work, but may lack the organizational and study skills necessary to be as successful as possible.  Some AVID Elective students are members of the first generation in their family to go to college, but many are not.  Once we implemented the AVID program at our school, we quickly realized the AVID strategies would help all of our students to reach their full potential, and we took AVID Schoolwide.

The students in the AVID program are referred to as AVID Elective students.  AVID Elective students are enrolled in the AVID Elective class that is paired with an Honors English class.  Because AVID strategies are used in all of our classes, the rest of the student body are referred to as AVID Schoolwide students.  AVID enables New Bern High School to best serve all students in order to succeed in becoming college and career ready. It also helps all students realize their full potential in Honors, Advanced Placement and dual-enrolled college classes.  

Our students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and questioning, receive academic assistance to help them succeed in their advanced courses, and participate in college-readiness activities. The AVID system works so well at New Bern High School that AVID, a global nonprofit, selected New Bern High School as a National Demonstration School in 2022. New Bern High School has also been awarded AVID's Schoolwide Site of Distinction every year since 2018, recognizing the highest level of AVID implementation and excellence in promoting college readiness schoolwide.  These honors are reserved for only 2% of the more than 6,000 AVID schools across our nation.

Learn more about the AVID system here
NBH AVID Culture Video

Planning a visit to NBHS




If you would like to plan a visit to NBHS to see how AVID works at our school, please complete this Google form.        

It will help us create a tour of our school to observe our AVID practices that is tailored to fit your school's needs. 

If you would like to observe tutoring in our AVID Elective classes, it is best to visit on Wednesdays, Thursdays for AVID I, II and III all year long and on Fridays  for AVID IV in the Fall semester.  

Please contact our AVID Coordinator, Mrs. Cathy Pratt, at or #252-514-6400, ext 2601 if you have any questions.



Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success

in a global society.  This is done through the AVID elective students will participate in during their 4 years at HHS.

What do you do in AVID:

  • The elective will focus on academic progress through the following:
  • Organization:
    • Use of planners (provided by the school)
    • Binders
  • Group tutorials
  • Focused note-taking
  • Additional support
  • High standards and accountability
  • College readiness